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With over 13 years of legal experience, we help YOU navigate the controversial areas of family law and assist YOU with the legal planning and strategic process to establish, protect and maintain your business! TWLAW™ works exclusively with entrepreneurs from all industries. Our clients are families, single mothers and fathers, grandparents, solo-prenuers, the 5-9ers and the small business owner who wants to grow. When you hire TWLAW™, you can trust our experienced attorneys to protect your families, your business AND your brand. You’ll have the assurance that your family law needs are being met by attorneys who genuinely care about ensuring that you walk away from an emotional process knowing that the best interests of your family and children was a priority. We will help you plan so that your business is thriving and sustainable, so you can focus on being creative and inventive! We are thorough, detailed and professional. All along, we will work with you to make sure that the process is not financially burdensome for you. We understand that not everyone has the same financial resources and we will work with you so you can obtain the legal help you need. You can leave the legal strategy to us while you focus on loving your family and continue growing your business and impacting the world. <strong>WE'LL GIVE YOU BIG FIRM EXPERIENCE AT SMALL FIRM COSTS.</strong>


I have over 5 years of experience working with a large international law firm and have represented businesses in many aspects of its life-span. From formation to acquisition, I have helped clients achieve their goals. Not only do I run my own law practice, but I also have first hand experience of being a small business owner. I am dedicated to helping you create and protect your business with a strong legal foundation. Let me help you make your ideas and intent a reality.

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